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Maurice Mcleod

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Let's empower communities and
transform lives

The GLA (Greater London Authority) will be the frontline of the resistance to Boris Johnson. Lambeth and Southwark can show that empowered communities are indestructible and that Labour can help unleash this power.

I’ve lived on South London council estates my whole life and first joined Labour in 1994. In 2002, the lead up to the Gulf War convinced me I’d have more impact as a journalist. I’ve since written for titles including the Guardian, the Independent and the Spectator. I appear frequently on Sky News, BBC and LBC and have extensive media contacts. I was also director of the influential Media Diversified. 

25 years ago, working in Brixton on the Voice newspaper, I covered injustice and inequality in South London and beyond. It breaks my heart that, while the tone of the injustice might be different, the inequality stubbornly remains. 

When Corbyn became Labour leader, I pledged to do all I could to make real the vision the party was offering. I was elected to represent Queenstown in Battersea in 2018, and quickly immersed myself in the local communities and joined campaigns for workers and residents across Wandsworth and South London. I’ve also attended four memorials for murdered men.

The role of an elected Labour representative should be to work with grassroots campaigns and organisations to ensure that residents are empowered and can have a meaningful say in the way their lives are run. A society where people feel connected and empowered is one where we look out for each other and revel in our mutual success. Life is a dance, not a race.

The problems I have been tackling in Wandsworth are even more severe in Lambeth and Southwark and, as AM, I would work with the Mayor, local representatives and communities to show what bold, caring socialism looks like and how it can transform lives.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to ask any questions or get involved in my campaign:

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