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Through the years, I have been involved in some important campaigns. I often use my media platform to promote campaigns or to change minds. These are just some of my more recent articles and campaigns.

Deportation flights to Jamaica

The PM claimed the Home Office was to deport up to 50 'serious foreign criminals' to Jamaica. It turned out many of the men had come to Britain as young children and that some had lived in the UK for decades. They had been convicted of a wide range of offences.

Movement for Justice, Barac, BAME Lawyers For Justice and Lambeth Unison Black Workers were joined by activists, family members of those threatened with deportation and MPs including Florence Eshalomi, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Zarah Sultana and Nadia Whitmore. 

Following a legal challenge, some men were removed from the flight but some were deported. The fight goes on. 

Whitehall: 10 February 2020


Is there a place for black politicians in Labour?

As Labour holds its leadership contests, there is a lot of talk about how the Party needs to win back its traditional heartlands in the North. This is very important but it is also important that we don't forget about our other heartland, inner cities and BAME voters. Dawn Butler would ensure race stayed part of the conversation and  I wrote for various papers supporting her candidacy as Deputy Leader.

The Voice: 11 Jan 2020


Outsourced security guards at St George's

I was proud to stand alongside striking security guards at St Goerge's Hospital in Tooting. The guards are employed by an outsourced company and, with their union, The United Voices of the world, are demanding the same pay and rights as the hospital's own staff.  I believe councils and other public bodies should bring services in house where possible. 


Corbyn’s Labour was backed by 10m voters. We’re defeated, but not finished.

In the hours after the general election defeat, I thought it was important that, while acknowledging the scale of the loss, Labour didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater and ditch the very things that made the party relevant again.  As a campaigner, I've always believed that it's important that you sometimes eschew the choir and talk to those who disagree with you. I wrote this for The Spectator.

The Spectator: 14 Dec 2019


More community space for the Doddington estate

The Doddington Estate in Battersea witnessed two tragic murders in just six months recently. Residents I spoke to said that young people hanging around on the estate with nothing to do was a part of the problem. The old activity centre on the estate has been closed for years following some leaks and the Council were considering just abandoning the space. Along with my fellow councillors, I have been running a campaign to support residents' demands and have the centre reopened.

Watch video

Wandsworth's poor handling of fire safety after Grenfell

Following the Grenfell tragedy, Wandsworth announced it planned to retrofit sprinklers into all of its tall tower blocks. Leaseholders were to pay around £4,000 each for the installation.

I worked with residents and fellow councillors to draw attention to this case. Eventually, the Court struck out the Council's case.

The Guardian: 21 Aug 2018


Black History Month

More than five years ago, Wandsworth decided to rebrand Black History Month as Diversity Month, claiming they wanted to 'celebrate all communities'.

Working with the GMB Union, Battersea Labour and Marsha de Cordova MP, we put pressure on the Council and pointed out that this was not the time to be ignoring black history. Last year, Wandsworth brought back the month-long celebration and we put on our very successful event in Balham.

The Guardian: 3 Oct 2018


Travellers and Gypsies

When Wandsworth tried to ban Travellers and Gypsies from stopping anywhere within the borough, we argued that this was a discriminatory policy. We argued for negotiated stops. Wandsworth ignored us but last month The Court of Appeal, looking into a similar plan in Bromley, ruled that Gypsies and Travellers have an “enshrined freedom” to move from one place to another.
Wandsworth Labour will be putting pressure on the Council to rethink its attitude to this already marginalised community.

Screenshot 2020-02-01 at 07.22.21.png

Raheem Sterling, racist media coverage 

The negative coverage that Raheem Sterling and other black celebrities get is racially motivated and serves to remind black people that, even if they succeed in life, they should behave in a particular way to prove they are worthy of their position.

The Guardian: 30 May 2018


Systemic racism

When an Airbnbhost racially abused some Asian customers, she was fined and made to go on an awareness cause. 
I argued that while cases like this seem minor, they help to reframe the wider converation. But obvious incidents of racism like this are just window dressing and we will only really move foward when we confront more subtle systemic racism. 
The Guardian: 14 Jul 2017


Why is Notting Hill carnival’s success always measured by its crime levels?

The Guardian: 1 Sep 2016


Corbyn’s conference speech: the verdict

The Guardian: 27 Sep 2017


Jeremy Corbyn has one thing Theresa May lacks: a personality

The Guardian: 3 May 2017


A seismic shift is needed for Corbyn to win in 2020. But it could happen.

The Guardian: 31 Mar 2017


A moment that changed me: refusing a place at private school

The Guardian: 17 Mar 2017


Stop and Search: Drugs and the aggravating factor of being black

The Independent: 18 Sep 2013


As a Corbynista, I’m looking forward to this election

The Spectator: 3 Nov 2019


I don’t know if the Sanderson is racist. But I do know that uneasy feeling.

The Guardian: 9 Oct 2015


I’ve been happily renting my council flat for 24 years – but for how much longer?

The Guardian: 30 Sep 2015


I don’t see Calais migrants as a threat – perhaps I have my mother to thank

The Guardian: 2 Jul 2015


Parents must be immune to embarrassment – even on Facebook

The Guardian: 26 Nov 2014


How I fight the bigotry I feel for a minority (even if they drive up house prices)

The Guardian: 31 Oct 2014


In Swaziland, Coca-Cola has the power to make democracy the real thing

The Guardian: 21 Nov 2013


Theresa May's immigration bill is a valuable tool for racist landlords

The Guardian: 15 Oct 2013


General Election: Seven weeks to save Britain

Media Diversified: 18 Apr 2017


Remembering Marikana – some stains won’t wash off

Media Diversified: 31 Jan 2017


Our treatment of prisoners condemns us all

Media Diversified 8 Nov 2016


Jeremy Corbyn and the problem with leaders

Media Diversified: 30 Sep 2016


Priti Patel replaces Foreign Aid with Bribery Budget

Media Diversified: 15 Sep 2016


Time to stand together and face down those who would divide us

Media Diversified: 27 Jun 2016


Strange Stains in Ferguson

Media Diversified: 26 Nov 2014


Tory blue-on-blue battle is just a sideshow

Media Diversified: 7 Jun 2016


TTIP springs a leak and heads for the rocks

Media Diversified: 4 May 2016


Behind the Privileged Privacy Curtain

Media Diversified: 7 Apr 2016


Robbing disabled Peter to pay privileged Paul

Media Diversified: 16 Mar 2016


All images above are screenshots from my online articles in the Guardian, the Independent, the Spectator, the Voice & Media Diversified.

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